Sept. 24, 2017 Road Blocks to God – Community

Posted on September 27, 2017 @ 8:41 pm

Today was a full service.  At the beginning of the Hymn Medley, Cynthia Martin sang a solo in Forever Reign.

Then we had a report from Riley Paddock, Rain Bossendorfer, Bowie Bossendorfer and Fletcher Paddock on their experiences at Big Bear Camp.

The Offertory was Agnus Dei from the Abony Mass written by our own Dr. Imre Szilas.  The Abony Mass was the first rock mass ever publicly presented.  Dr. Szilas played piano, Bowie Bossendorfer played drums and Twining Campbell played bass.

The service concluded with Dr. Szilas at the organ console playing Grand Chorus Dialogue by Eugene Gigout.