March 25, 2018 The Last Sunday in Lent — Lent: A Practice of Preparation

Posted on March 26, 2018 @ 10:55 pm


On this the last Sunday in the Season of Lent (a time to prepare for Holy Week and Easter) we continue our series: Lent: A Practice of Preparation using the sixfold charge: Live simply, love generously, serve faithfully, speak truthfully, pray daily and leave everything else up to God.

Following the Westminster Chimes  Eleanor Dent leads the congregation in prayer and then reads the scripture lesson: John 12:9-16 followed by Rev. Dr. Twining Campbell leading the congregation in the Lord’s Prayer.

The Westminster Trio, Imre Szilas – piano, Bowie Bossendorfer – drums, and Twining Campbell – bass guitar play a brief interlude.

The sermon is by Rev. Dr. Martha Campbell and the Lenten series continues with: “Leave everything else up to God” which requires us to trust God to be faithful.

As the service closes as Rev. Dr. Twining Campbell reads the Passion of Jesus from Mark 14:222-15:15 so that we remember all the events of this week.

Following the Charge and Benediction, the service concludes with Imre Szilas playing the Postlude “Finale – from Symphony No. 1”  by Louis Vierne.